Trumpet on Keyes, Corner Keyes and Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank +27 10 594 0000


Marble Restaurant

“Marble is a celebration of quintessential South African fare. It embodies South Africans’ love of cooking with fire, a quality that makes our food culture different from the rest of the world” David Higgs.

Situated in Keyes Art Mile, the growing art and food hub of Rosebank, Marble Restaurant boasts a grand wood-fired grill imported from Grill Works in Michigan as the focal point of the restaurant. The concept combines the open-fire trend, seen internationally, with an added pinch of true South African flair.

We have long been fascinated by what makes South African cuisine unique, and we believe it’s down to being meat and flame enthusiasts. It is the timeworn ritual of cooking on wood fires and gathering with friends, the shared experience in the preparation. However, it is not just meat which we celebrate in this way, we boast an array of fresh ingredients all cooked on our perfectly prepared coals including fish, poultry, vegetables and breads.

Artisans That Worked On Marble

Marble Restaurant chose to collaborate with local artisans for all the interior design at Marble. Since we are located in the Keyes Art Mile, it made perfect sense to incorporate art in the interior installations. At Marble, art is expressed in every design element.

The four lead artists we worked with are:

Damien Grivas

Damien Grivas, from Johannesburg, who made up the custom wall panels behind our main bar. He also designed and manufactured the cement wall façade at the open kitchen and the hand woven macrame screen inside the main restaurant.

Peter Mthombeni

Peter Mthombeni is a ceramic artist based in Johannesburg. He designed and maked up the Dolos figurines in ceramic and installed hundreds of these into a wall feature in the restaurant.

Krisjan Rossouw

Krisjan Rossouw is an art photographer from Cape Town, and we have collaborated with him to showcase 3 of his images, shot exclusively for Marble. These will share our mantra through the art of photography.

Mervyn Gers

Mervyn Gers is a ceramic artist based in Cape Town, and specialises in handmade ceramic tableware. He has manufactured our tableware for service and has also maked up our hand painted ceramic wall tiles that are installed in our open kitchen.

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